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for education. we try to teach our students and faculty and our alumni about issues of sexuality, of sexual identity and gender. that's an expression of our jesuit tradition of cura personalis, caring for each person mind, body and spirit, in their unique individuality. >> it's an openness, a kind of tolerance, ave maria's president disdains. >> they become bastions of relativism where your truth is your truth, my truth is my truth, the catholic teaching is just one path. that's not our view, and i feel sorry for those universities. i think they've lost their moral bearings, and i think they've lost their catholic identity when they water it down to the point where everything's true. >> still, many georgetown students argue that this catholic university has found the right mix of scholarship and religious character. >> i think it's reaching a great number of students, non-catholic and catholic, and helping them to develop, grow in their own faith and figure out really how they can bring their faith into public life. >> on georgetown's campus there are, of course, dissenting voices which con
' interest in religion, community development, and education. additional funding also provided by mutual of america, designing customized individual and group retirement products. that's why we're your retirement company. >> be more. - bob scully's world show is brought to you by redline communications. bringing rugged wireless networks where nobody else will go. ♪ - hi, this is bob scully, and welcome to another edition of the world show, a brand-new series this week - entrepreneurs/the redline series, where we'll be paying special attention to women entrepreneurs. and to do that, for our inaugural episode, let's travel back in time to 1893 to the village of lyn in the province of ontario, where a scotsman named joseph hudson starts a farm, and he gives it a scottish name: burnbrae. "now, what has that to do with women entrepreneurs?" you're saying. well, burnbrae is still there in the village of lyn, the very same farm bearing the very same name, doing the very same work, except that it's grown to be huge. it is now specialized in eggs - very innovative in that field, as you're about
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2